Nokia E71 

The E71 is Nokia’s revamped E61:


Good Points

  • Good screen (not much in terms of resolution, but readable)
  • Very good keyboard and build quality (feels solid, thanks to metal back)
  • Good battery (it is actually the same as the E90’s)
  • Built in Exchange support (installed from ROM)
  • So-so GPS and camera (3.2Mp with auto-focus)
  • HSDPA support
  • Fast, responsive UI

Bad Points

  • Utterly idiotic micro-USB port with fiddly rubberized cover
  • Camera auto-focus mode requires manual activation via the ‘T’ key (definitely a WTF? moment)
  • Funky UI themes and useless animations/fades
  • Fiddly predictive text input (useless if you’re a polyglot)
  • UI still wastes screen real estate, and fonts likewise (even selecting the smallest possible)


Date Link Notes
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