Nokia 6220 Classic

The 6220 Classic is somewhat of a mid-point between the 6120 Classic and the 6210 Navigator. Having used it for the better part of six months, I am somewhat taken by it, but expected more.


  • Decent 5Mp camera with flash the ability to record moderately good (but not overwhelming) video
  • Good screen
  • Worked fine as a Bluetooth modem
  • Usable GPS (and ability to geotag photos)
  • One of the first to support the new version of Mail for Exchange
  • Video out abillity


  • Camera is slow and exhibits the usual Nokia color tinge
  • Flash proved to be weak even for close shots
  • Cheapo plastic keypad (too easy to lift and break)
  • Atrocious fade effects that make the overall UI much slower than it could be
  • Confusing UI (downloaded applications are stashed away multiple folders down by default, no relation between this device’s folder layout and other models’)


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