Intel Netbook

The following is a more or less random list of resources related to Intel’s Netbook, also known as the 2go PC or Classmate 2:

Date Link Notes
2008-04-07 Ultrathin Netbook showcased at Intel Developer Forum The best-looking design yet (but not likely to surface with a decent price tag anytime soon)
2008-04-02 Hands-On with CTL’s 2go PC (a.k.a. Classmate 2) Includes hands-on video
2008-03-24 Intel’s Netbook revealed as the 2go PC - Engadget Includes brochure shot
2008-03-22 New shots of Intel’s Netbook / Eco PC uncovered - Engadget Slightly different design
2008-03-18 Is this Intel’s Netbook? Probably the first shot of the initial form factor