HTC Universal

A Pocket PC device with a flip/rotatable lid and UMTS capabilities:

Good Points:

  • UMTS Connectivity (can be used as a Bluetooth modem)
  • Videotelephony (CS VT) support
  • Standard audio jack
  • Wi-Fi

Bad Points:

  • Big, heavy, fiddly cover
  • Poor placement of outside controls makes them awkward to use (and easy to press accidentally)
  • Lousy keyboard (very bad tactile feedback)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 places a softkey bar across the bottom of the screen that does nothing but take up room - Remote Desktop screen area is sorely reduced, making it nearly useless.
  • The UI cannot be navigated solely via the keyboard, forcing you to take out the flimsy pen to press on-screen buttons
  • Incompatible with a lot of current Pocket PC software (either due to the screen layout or to pure binary incompatibilities)
  • Connection management is the usual Pocket PC support nightmare with an added "easy" layer on top that just makes things worse.