macOS Automation (with JavaScript)

While pondering some options for automating stuff on , I decided to take a look at the bridge. These are cursory notes on various odds and ends, without any real structure.

Retrieving the Current Wallpaper

Run the below with osascript -l Javascript -i:

// Import the bridge

// Get a shared workspace
sw = $.NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace;

// Get the first screen (yes, this is an NSArray)
screen = $.NSScreen.screens.firstObject;

// Log the pathname (NSURL) out

If the above is a folder, you have to go into the Dock’s desktoppicture.db database1 and take a look at what’s there in the data table.

Since the bridge seems to lack SQLite bindings, I haven’t yet had the time to pursue this in depth, other than the data table doesn’t seem to keep track of what wallpaper is on what display if you have multiple monitors (although I suspect that the last entry is always for the primary display).

  1. ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/desktoppicture.db ↩︎