I’ve been an Adobe user since when Photoshop came in 800K floppies, but I’m not a particular fan of many of their current products (or their subscription models), except perhaps Bridge CC, which is free and a passable digital asset manager.

However, even installing a free Adobe product brings with it an infestation of oodles of Creative Cloud daemons, which light up Little Snitch as a Christmas tree and need to be suitably exorcised–hence the existence of this page.

Removing all Adobe Creative Cloud daemons

This completely disables (but does not remove) all CC daemons (you may need to reboot to kill off Core Sync and the Adobe Desktop Service):

launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchAgents/com.adobe.*

What especially irks me is that com.adobe.acc.installer.v2 pops up on Activity Monitor running as root, which means I will never wilfully install anything from Adobe again unless in dire need.

Another nuisance is AGSService, which keeps popping up. I will eventually have to resort to Adobe’s own tools to get rid of it, I suppose.