This page lists a few “serverless” resources I find interesting. Even though a good deal of the serverless stuff I did from 2016 onwards runs on Azure Functions, I have a long history with Google App Engine and can find my way around AWS Lambda, so I’m not biased.

Of late, I’ve also started keeping track of Lambda-like platforms that run inside Docker and Kubernetes (since I believe those will eventually supersede proprietary approaches), and service mesh proxies targeting microservice architectures (which are a fundamental requirement for exposing scalable services).

Service platforms:

Date Link Notes
Jan’18 zappa A Python centric solution for deploying on AWS Lambda
nuclio A Docker-based solution with Kubernetes integration that runs on Azure
OpenFaaS Interesting, but the Azure deployments I submitted were never merged in and the security model is WIP, so I’m giving it a pass.

Date Link Notes
Jan’18 istio A microservice management platform
envoy Lyft’s front-end L7 proxy
kong A very nice API gateway
traefik A modern reverse proxy that can work as a Kubernetes ingress controller