Nothing much to report, other than I’ve managed to get caught up in entirely too many threads, with the rather fascinating result that I’m booked pretty much solid halfway through May. So much so that in order to be able to actually get stuff done, I’ve had to refuse a number of otherwise vastly more interesting engagements and put all my personal projects on hold.

Work-life balance, a much ballyhooed topic at the office, is pretty much a mirage at this point – I’m currently powering through my second mini-break reviewing documentation and tinkering with PoCs instead of resting or spending time with the kids (they’re still completely opposite activities), and I haven’t written a single line of (useful) code in a fortnight.

Also, as a direct result of all this running about and stretching myself too thin, I’ve been feeling the initial twinges of RSI and the kind of aching fatigue (including some new minor ailments) that come from spending far too much time at a computer and/or stressed out. Part of it comes from sleeping 5-6 hours a night simply because I need to fill my brain with something genuinely interesting in the evenings after I log off from work, but boil down to lack of actual challenges.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, things are going well professionally. I just don’t feel I’m learning anything new (well, other than a few tech tidbits now and then that I can’t pursue due to my current role), and am most definitely not building anything of consequence.

So as summertime approaches I’m placing a hard limit on office hours and mulling things in the large. Contact me if you have any interesting ideas.

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