Book Binge

I’ve been on a book binge of late, going through Goodreads at near-rampage speeds, reading nearly an entire book every quiet, stuffy summer day. Of which there’ve been a lot lately.

Everything is slowing down for summer, and I’m taking whatever breaks I can get before September madness sets back in. Having to split my time between my work laptop and, well, my usual environments means there’s a lot less opportunity (and even mood) for tinkering with either software or hardware, although I’ve been carrying around a Raspberry Pi Zero and playing with it through the USB OTG link.

Windows networking being what it is, I spend more time setting it up than actually using it, but that’s how it is.

Regardless, I’ve been puttering away at something new. And something old. Which might even run on something blue. It does feel weird to use Visual Studio, though. I can’t really get used to how cumbersome it is, but I’m making some headway.

It’s either that or PowerPoint, these days.

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