Moving to CloudFlare

A little heads up to say I’m moving this site to the CloudFlare free plan, and why.

For the short term, you might get some timeouts or SSL errors while I work things through, but I expect that to be completely sorted out by Monday. I’m also getting rid of the “the” hostname in favor of the bare domain, which means returning 301 for just about everything and waiting for Google to pick up on the new locations over time (as well as making sure it stays in place forever, so as to not break this particular bit of the Internet).

You might nevertheless want to update your bookmarks accordingly (does anyone still use bookmarks, I wonder?).

As to the why… In a nutshell, I’ve been maintaining my own and Varnish reverse-proxy/cache setup for years now, and even though it’s been working great, I want to lower the even further – by lowering CPU and RAM requirements on the back-end, I will probably be able to squeeze everything into a 1GB Linode.

That will let me save on hosting costs, for starters, and lessen the need to spend a Saturday morning rebuilding the host OS and recompiling stuff every three months or so.

I will also be moving to a -based setup soon – I’ve been using Dokku-alt on a separate VPS to kick the tyres on Sushy for a week now, and even though I might toss out all the Heroku-related stuff in the end, it just might be what I need – but I’ll be thinking long and hard on whether I want to rely on anything except “bare” for the next year or so.

But yes, Sushy is coming along very nicely, and I suspect I will be migrating the site to it soon (I’m starting to mess with HTML and CSS for a new layout as well).