A funny thing happened...

Not having a dog, I’m deprived of the excuse of saying it ate my homework.

In truth, last-minute affairs tangentially related to the holiday season have taken up most of my free time, so this week’s draft never made it through.

Instead, I spent a fair amount of time fiddling with my (since repaired) 3D printer, churning out a variety of holiday decorations (some of which I’ve posted on Flickr) and little plastic containers for electronics that so dismally lacking in aesthetics only I could possibly love them.

But I also had a couple of nice surprises in the mail this week from Sami Lempinen and Alexis Iglauer, who gadgetry and funds – and whom I’d like to thank for their support, given that this site is mostly driven by random bouts of inspiration, occasional insomnia and a large dollop of stubbornness, but never for profit.

So my sincere thanks to both – it’s always nice to know what I write is useful, entertaining or (at the very least) thought provoking, and I’ll make good use of your gifts.