Freak Weather

June showers seem to be a weather fad for the past few years here in Lisbon.

Predictably enough, the kids came down with the flu – and so did I, diving headfirst into another book binge. Then sinus trouble came along for the ride and it took me a little while longer to extricate myself from epic migraine territory (leaving the office and its Jurassic era air conditioning helps tremendously, as usual).

Couple that with utterly uninspiring work, and the result was that I hardly used a computer at all (or at least in an enjoyable way, which is what counts) over the past couple of weeks. But I have an internal session on virtualization coming up, and preparing the slides for that is sure to make my creative juices flow again (presenting usually does wonders for my mood, too).

Having run out of books for the moment and failing to find a suitably inspiring occupation to relax, I spent a couple of hours curating the site today, removing some outdated (and outclassed) links and even a few pages. It’s been quite a while since I dealt in marketing, radio coverage or even conventional desktop applications (to name just a few).

Time to do something about that, I think.