Apple Release Notes I'd Love To See

Mac OS X 10.8.4:

  • Login: Honor the “Reopen windows when logging back in” setting when set to off, instead of insisting on launching all my apps again. Every. Single. Time.
  • Messages: Stability and performance improvements that prevent it from crashing every single day upon startup or searching.
  • Messages: Fix for imagent randomly losing messages.
  • Safari: Corrections to history menus in order to display real URLs from pages reached via Google search results instead of useless redirect URLs.
  • Safari: Top Sites now cache site snapshots instead of re-creating them every time, trying to log in to sites for you and wasting CPU.
  • Messages: Added official support for Facebook Chat and IRC.
  • Mail: Added support for custom header fields to smart folders.
  • Mail: Improved Exchange meeting request handling so that it actually works.
  • Calendar: Fix Exchange support to match recent iOS bug fixes, so that refusing a meeting invitation doesn’t result in automatic cancellations being sent to all attendees.
  • Calendar: Fixes to Exchange meeting request handling to avoid munging participants and timezones.
  • Terminal: Added support for mouse events and corresponding escape sequences, like mouseterm and iTerm.
  • Python: Upgraded to 3.3 and 2.7.4, with updated ScriptingBridge bindings.
  • Share: Third-party support API.
  • Share: Added Google+, Pinterest and Flickr.
  • Share: You can now paste images onto the share panel from the clipboard.
  • Twitter: Added option to set handler application when clicking on notifications instead of forcing me to use their website.
  • Notification Center: Added support for image thumbnails.
  • Reminders: Streamlined UI.

iOS 6.2

  • System: New Apple Visual Guidelines.
  • Lock Screen: Slide gestures to reveal Dashboard.
  • Dashboard: Support for sandboxed HTML5 widgets.
  • Springboard: Allow for arbitrary placement of icons and Dashboard widgets in grid positions.
  • Accessibility: Support for Cmd-Tab task switching when using a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Keyboard: Swiftkey mode.
  • Mail: Smart folder support.
  • Messages: Added XMPP support for third-party service providers including Google and Facebook.
  • Safari: Improved UI for searching in page.
  • Safari: Reinstated simple JavaScript console.
  • Share: Improved third-party API.
  • Share: Added Google+, Pinterest and Flickr.
  • Siri: Added support for Portuguese, despite only being spoken by 215 million people on Earth.
  • Notification Center: Added support for image thumbnails (modelled on MMS).
  • Notification Center: Added shortcuts for volume and brightness.
  • Notification Center: Fixed blank screen hang when starting to post to Twitter or Facebook.
  • iCloud: Improved Reading List and iCloud Tabs so that they actually sync with desktop within an hour.
  • iCloud: Fixed Core Data syncing.

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