Selective Breakage

One of the good things about writing your own is that you can break it whenever you want.

So I’ve been doing that piecemeal this week in preparation for a few more features - refreshed support, taking another stab at automatic content classification now that LSM is pretty much a given, and I’ve been tweaking the way I handle images - the vast majority of the images on the site are now resized on the fly from their larger versions.

Which means a few corner cases slipped through the cracks, obviously, hence some breakage.

I’ve also been fiddling with gevent a fair bit, since I’ve been using it at work for a few things and am quite impressed by the way it scales - gevent and bottle make an interesting pair, and I just might consider rewriting the site engine for even more raw performance once I get real-time indexing sorted out.

Optimistically, that may yet happen in 2013 :)