Ladies and Gentlemen, Flush Your Caches

Given that I’m stuck home with a family-wide flu, I’ve been hammering away at the site’s CSS in another attempt at making it both readable and (gosh, I hate this buzzword) “responsive”.

I’ve been using CSS media queries on the site for a long while, but given that I’m constantly using new devices and increasingly wider monitors, the minimal tweaks I did to the site in order to have a sane mobile view and a moderately decent tablet view weren’t enough.

So, as of today, if you land on the site with a widescreen monitor of decent enough size you’ll also get pages rendered in a two-column view (provided there is enough content on the page to make it worth your while), and both the tablet and mobile views (in any orientation) have been substantially tweaked in terms of margins.

This meant, however, that the usual site sidebar is now gone (say hi to the new “fat” footer, which I’ll be tweaking a bit more in the coming days), and that some compromises had to be reached regarding ad placement and whatnot1.

If you spot any bugs, kindly flush your browser cache, try again and, if they persist, take a screenshot and… you know the drill.

  1. Since I’m now a Carbon Ads affiliate and that the ads are both unobtrusive and rather interesting, I don’t think that’s really an issue, but I really miss having them in a more sensible spot. Alas, the sidebar wasn’t that popular anyway. ↩︎