Farewell Composer, We Hardly Knew Ye

Well, that was a surprise (actually, I think it’s in the release notes somewhere, but I haven’t had much time to put up with release notes):

Installing 4.3 from the App Store asks you (politely) if it can delete 4.2.x, but it will also chuck out (which we use copiously at SAPO for a number of things) along with pretty much all the tools.

Fortunately, you can go and grab them from Apple’s dev site, but since bothered to allow to be able to download and install extras such as command-line tools and old simulators from the newly revamped preference pane1, I have to wonder why they didn’t add this to the downloads list, since it would have saved me a considerable bit of time.

Annoyingly enough, the .dmg for those comes without an installer of any kind -so given the demise of the Developer folder, I simply chucked them into Utilities.

Since there are quite a few people out there using to pull off graphical stunts of many kinds (we even use it to render video files dynamically), I have to wonder - and start looking for alternatives, just in case2.

  1. Which is probably nearly big enough to be classified as a standalone app, in much the same way as Pluto is nearly big enough to classify as a full planet… ↩︎

  2. Even though you can do a lot with, say, WebKit and copious amounts of , you can’t really pull off stunts like using the QC Visualizer to run stuff across the network or across multiple displays (I’ve got a skeleton app that uses web views to mimic the latter, but it’s a mess). ↩︎