Here's to 2012

The week between Xmas and New Year’s reminds me of the Martian Timeslip (as in the notion of a “padding” period between regular time, not just the book or its plot) - it seems to be governed by its own peculiar set of rules, and having spent mine working this year, it was doubly flummoxing.

I’ve been mostly clearing out e-mail (not quite done yet), replacing stuff with little shell scripts, reading (finished the Steve Jobs bio, Robopocalypse and another couple of interesting books during insomnia-induced marathons, but I’ll write about that later) and spending as little time as possible messing about with gadgetry.

Within reason, of course. Still, it’s well worth taking the time to draft a few words and wish you all a great 2012 - it’s going to be an interesting year, for whatever interpretation of “interesting” you happen to fancy.