A Passing Note

In breaking with tradition, this year I won’t be recommending any Xmas gifts, mobile or otherwise.

This is partly because I’ve lost touch with current handset portfolios, so the only advice I can really give you there is not to buy any sort of device unless you really, really want to - if you’re not into gear, then take a good look at Windows Phone. Seriously.

I’m not very keen on recommending stuff I haven’t researched for myself1, let alone considering spending sizable amounts of cash now at a time the economy is swirling round the drain, and that’s that.

On other topics, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time at work delving into a bunch of amazing stuff that I wish I could write about, but, alas, this is to do so.

I will, however, be sprucing up Open Source at SAPO with some fixes and a little more content over the next few days as time permits. I feel the need to let rip and write some serious documentation for a change (even though I miss , there is plenty of fun stuff to do on the wild frontier, and my only complaint is that it keeps piling up alongside meat and potatoes stuff).

  1. My own has remained static throughout most of the year, and to be honest, there’s nothing material I need or crave at this point except a better office chair. ↩︎