Running Silent

Despite having spent far too many late hours on my laptop of late, I’ve had precious little enjoyment out of it - hence the lack of updates, which are also ascribable to the Eurozone crisis coverage that has swamped the media of late and which is sure to be apparent even to my mainly (and usually otherwise concerned) US readership.

After all, anyone who might share my weekend habit of poring through The Economist’s usually scathing view of current affairs is sure to empathise with my currently somewhat glum outlook.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised the economy stayed afloat this long, and watch the local unionists go on fantastically pointless general strikes (flailing blindly at political decisions that were long overdue) with a mix of pity at their ignorance of how serious the overall state of affairs has become and contempt at the long rows of politicians who let things slide this far.

But considering I don’t care one whit for politics either way, I’m simply going to try to ignore that sad circus as much as possible and focus on living through the mess all of them created the best we can.

So I’m compensating by burying myself in work and sticking my nose in books as time permits - there is a fair amount of stuff going on right now and precious little to spare, even for dallying in prose.