A Midsummer Afternoon's Dream

Listening to the Amélie soundtrack at the end of a long sunny afternoon is a wondrous, soothing feeling that defies description - it’s not just that Tiersen is undoubtedly brilliant, it’s the mood he sets for the entire soundtrack and the melodic nuances he crafts in, lovingly, smoothly, riding the fine line between the melancholic and le joie de vivre.

If you can read sheet music, try to find Comptine d’un Autre Été and read it through carefully - it’s gathering dust around here somewhere, waiting for the day when I have the nerve, patience and stamina to sit at the piano again for real. You’ll find it well worth the effort.

I am an eclectic (and somewhat recluse) music lover who, to this day, refuses to bow to peer pressure and the music labels’ tendency to over-promote sub-par music (although I do pick up some loose baggage from the mainstream now and then), which leaves me at odds with having been dipped into  sauce for so long that I can’t help but have the words “long tail” waft through the back of my mind whenever I consider the way I listen to music1.

Ah well.

  1. And sometimes I hate myself for being unable to switch off that heartless, cold calculating portion of my brain that keeps taking apart otherwise beautiful things (and, occasionally, people) as if they were nothing more than pieces of clockwork, but that’s an entirely different story. ↩︎