On the iPad 2

In short, I personally find it to be another good example of iterative polishing, but not (yet) a compelling upgrade, largely due to my not needing FaceTime or much in terms of local CPU for surfing the net, taking notes and working through my inbox.

But it is another sure winner for the folk who haven’t yet got one, and enough of a leap beyond the (effectively nonexistent) competition to likely beat those 15 million units sold so far.

I’m patient enough to wait for the next iteration, since one of the nicest things about owning hardware is that it usually gets better over the years thanks to software improvements (the catch being that only lasts a few years, due to planned obsolescence approach), and the first-gen is likely to be useful for a couple of years yet (at the outside).

On that regard, 4.3 doesn’t seem much of a real upgrade - except perhaps in terms of browser performance - and I’m still waiting for full keyboard support and an Apple Remote Desktop/Back To My Mac client.

One waits patiently.