Moderately Quiet Evening

It’s Christmas break over here and I fully intend to spend the ‘eve minding kids and running errands, which obviously translates into a lack of time for much of anything else (although I did bring some fun coding puzzles from work to think about).

So I might as well wish everyone out there the best possible holiday (whatever you might call it) right away.

On the blog and infrastructure front, I think I’ve tracked down a couple of caching bugs that weren’t apparent in my old setup (or at least not easy to reproduce) and things are settled for the foreseeable future (even though I’m drafting an nginx configuration file, just so that Melo can say he’s persuaded me to try it (nudge nudge wink wink).

It might be time to start adding a few more features to - like e-mail posting and stuff - once I finish the impromptu visualization stuff that came up this week and clean up some other stuff I’ve been working on (like Shelf, which deserves a proper writeup).

A redesign might also be in order, seeing as I actually do that kind of a thing for a living now - but I actually like the current look, which makes it all the harder, and I need to do some decent mock-ups (you can do only so much with an , although my experience with a Bluetooth keyboard shows that it’s perfectly adequate for reviewing and commenting code).

That is all for now. Go off and enjoy yourselves.

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