Random Hackery

Spent a while this morning poring over the GStreamer docs, which are somewhat enlightening but do not make up for the fact that gst-launch has what is most likely the worst CLI interface ever invented.

Shifted to vlc.py in hopes that it was fixed by now, but, alas, it still segfaults even when used standalone, or when manually generated from either a stable build or the source tree.

Lacking the patience to stay in Xcode and pick up where I left off a week or so ago (it is a Saturday morning, after all), I then spent half an hour cleaning up iCal (the MobileMe CalDav upgrade left me with a few dangling legacy calendars I hadn’t had time to deal with yet)1.

Feeling still a bit hackish, I then poked despondently at CoGeWebKit to see if I could use it to pull off a little stunt, and eventually ended up on Kineme’s Streaming page wondering how I could glue together QC and GStreamer to stream the results of a composition over the network.

Looked at ways to grab the current frame off QC in a plugin, but eventually decided to enjoy the rest of the weekend reading.

  1. Incidentally, this hint is a great timesaver if you’re constantly switching calendars (Cmd-Alt-clicking on a checkbox is your friend) ↩︎