Keynote-based Kanban board

Being fundamentally fed up with all the nonsense regarding web-based Scrum and Kanban “tools” that are nothing but ways to move around little colored rectangles with notes on them, I decided to roll my own in Keynote.

Guess what, it works great on the iPad too - I can drag and drop stories with abandon, and Keynote for iPad uses the little place markers I left along the top to set up dynamic alignment guides just fine.

Of course it still sucks to have Keynote butcher master slides on every document (as well as being unable to edit text boxes inside groups, which would be amazingly useful for adding visual fields to stories), but it’s perfectly usable for simple status boards.

All I really need now is for Apple to fix iTunes so that we can sync stuff properly over the air (or, even better, have them accept the fact that Dropbox has eaten iDisk for breakfast).