Most of this year’s blog posts are back online (I skipped a few related to coding and books, which are harder to upload automatically), so RSS readers should notice a fair amount of, er… content coming their way.

It’s all clearly tagged with the original post date, so there should be no confusion.

Work continues on re-publishing HOWTOs and suchlike (as well as one draft post I’m committed to pushing out within a couple of days), but I’ve been running silent for a good stretch of my time, switching off social nuisances and whatnot, getting interesting stuff done, and making sure I get plenty of rest throughout.

Nevertheless, I should point out that in the meantime my first month at SAPO has come and gone, and I’m loving it - my team is great, the morale and tech know-how are overwhelmingly satisfying, and it’s all been like a sort of homecoming, although of course I still don’t know everyone.

For a change, work is plenty fun (even if it’s a mite stressful to keep all the balls in the air at the same time) and despite all the changes, It’s great to realize that all I’m really missing are the people I used to work with.

Wish you were here, guys.