This was (and still is) one heck of a week – although work per se has been relatively light, I’ve been prancing about all over the place for a number of reasons that will soon become public and have had a bunch of bad nights in a row (part stress, part kids, part breaking my own self-imposed rule regarding using computers well after 10PM).

The upshot of it all is that I have a monster headache, my guts are churning and I feel like something the cat wouldn’t even bother dragging in, which, despite being rather an improvement on how I felt (much) earlier in the morning, is not how I’d rather feel with lovely sunny weather outside.

Fortunately, curating my massive address book (multitasking with watching the kids) has proven to be a suitable low intensity occupation while this state of affairs lasts – after years of relying on Exchange as my prime contact database and keeping MobileMe as a backup, a complete switch-over begs for going over the whole thing manually – largely because I’m re-assigning folk to groups and removing extraneous info, for the Mac’s three-way merge (I was syncing the whole enchilada to Exchange, MobileMe and Gmail sync) is nothing short of brilliant – comparing it with other (forever unmentionable) contact syncing solutions, it is light years ahead.

But enough of that – address book technology is definitely not something I want to revisit for many years to come, except for my homegrown .vcf scripts.

Quite a lot of other writing has been happening (or, rather, accreting), so there will be a couple more posts soon. For now, and largely for the continued entertainment of those of you who know me personally, the only thing of relevance is that my talk proposal for this year’s Codebits seems to be enjoying quite a bit of acceptance, so do consider signing up and popping over.

Last year I didn’t have time to prepare anything (or hang around much more than, er, some of the colder bits after dark, if you’ll pardon the pun) but this time I’ll try to make it worth your while.

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