Writer's Block

Over the past few days (perhaps even weeks) I’ve been trying to put together five pieces that would ordinarily take me no longer than a couple of hours to write at most, but which family, (a lot of) work and miscellaneous disturbances in have prevented me from pushing through the drafting stage and into actual readable material worth revising, let alone publishing:

  1. The first is a short review of Paragon , which I started using a while back and has been recently upgraded to 8.0 (with a nice boost in performance). The whys, the hows and the wows are all there in the right places, but I’ve yet to actually sit down, revise it and push it out1.
  2. Another set of , which is made all the more difficult by my having read almost a dozen tomes in tandem over the past few weeks and not having either taken minimal notes nor slowed down, so it’s hard to put together something minimally useful and informative.
  3. An opinion piece on where the amalgam that will surely result from the intersection of the mobile and computing markets is really headed (or as much of it as I can , of course).
  4. A more satirical piece straddling the lines of the (by now infamous) and , which I think deserves a quite a bit of care and attention before it sees the light of day (or your screen’s).
  5. And, last but not least, a piece about my own future, which is all the more fun because the more I try to control it and pin it down, the more options crawl out of the woodwork. My mind is pretty well made up (according to a years old plan), but there’s too much noise on the rails – for all I know, there could well be a freight train coming.

These will be sorted out in due time (most likely in the course of a few weekends) since I sorely miss writing and loathe having this kind of a backlog, but other stuff will in the meantime keep finding its way here by way of the linkblog…

1 It also didn’t help that the machine I use it in the most has been unplugged ever since its UPS died last week, but that’s another story…

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