My Thanks

Although we don’t celebrate “Thanksgiving”:Wikipedia:Thanksgiving over here, there are, besides the usual things people usually value this time of year (family, abundance and survival) three other things I’m particularly thankful for:

  1. My loving friends, who are increasingly spread all over the place – which hasn’t prevented us from keeping in touch, and I give thanks for being able and cherish their company (physical or virtual) every day.
  2. My being part of an industry that has a direct bearing on billions of people’s lives (shaping both our present and our future), and having being able to witness its birth, growth, and amazing diversity.
  3. My inner sense of self (my spartan attitude, my ethics, my devotion to the things and people I love), which has served me well over the years whenever I had difficult decisions to make in life.

I have my own share of faults and regrets, of course (I am only human), but I’ve found a way to be thankful for them, too – they’ve made me into who I am today. Most of all, I’m grateful for having learned something from all the lives I’ve touched (or been touched by) in one way or another.