So yeah, things have been somewhat quiet this week, not just because I’m still feeling a trifle under the weather but primarily because there has been much to do (and the usual limitations where it regards the amount of time to do it in).

To make things a bit more lively, I’ve decided to have a go at pruning my RSS feeds again, this time targeting the people who think the upcoming ratification of the 3.0 standard is news – get a grip, people, it’s been in the cards for ages (and I think it’s still too fiddly for non-techies to use).

I’ve also been fooling around with SQLite to dubious effect, since trying to use it here for a new feature ran afoul of threading issues, and I am at a stage in life where sorting out threading issues late in the evening is far less interesting than it used to be, especially when the kid is likely to interrupt any time soon.

That said, I hope you enjoy your Easter break – I, for one, surely need the extra rest.