To The Dogs

Yet another weekend has gone by in a blink, with nary a second to spare or to ponder the week’s events.

Speaking of which, the March 17 event was fun for a bunch of reasons, but there were two especially good ones (for me, at least): I got to watch a bunch of rumors toppling down faster than a deck of cards in a hurricane, and I could finally point out that Apple is building a platform, not just tossing out new devices willy-nilly.

The rest of the week (other than a couple of twilight-zone-like work-related events) was somewhat humdrum, actually, and mostly spent reading and resting while at home. Reviews will be forthcoming, once I manage to piece them together.

I did, however, spend an entertaining few hours this Saturday reinstalling my Dad’s Eee PC from scratch (ah, Windows, how I fail to love thee…) and fooling around with a Dell Mini 9 – the former a chore that, quite honestly, I would rather not have had spoil my patience, and the latter an amusing (if whimsical) romp through the land of funky keyboards and alternative operating systems.

Let’s see what next week brings. But first, back to my books.