Feed Speed Bumps

Update: If you’ll check my FeedBurner wiki node, you’ll notice that I’ve been investigating why feed item GUIDs were stripped away by it. My attempts at fixing this (and the migration to , which re-wrote the links as well) have resulted in some people (depending on which feed reader they use) noticing duplicate or “renewed” posts. This should be the last of them, hopefully. Oh, and mind the last paragraph on this post – feedback is welcome.

A heads up for all of you subscribing to this site’s feeds – the URLs have changed from feeds.feedburner.com to feedproxy.google.com (something that was meant to happen for a good while now due to the FeedBurner acquisition by , but which I only had the opportunity to trigger last weekend).

places a redirect for those of you who already used the FeedBurner URL, but I still get a whopping amount of requests for the ancient PhpWiki RSS URL (yes, even after a couple of years), and although I still have a redirect there, it’s going to go away soon.

Getting to the point, please re-subscribe using the new feed URL ASAP. Even if you don’t think it’s necessary.

Here are the links:

Since I post relatively few links (an average of one a day or less), I am also considering doing a blog + linkblog feed without the rest of the Wiki (most likely simply adding the links namespace to the blog feed). If you’re interested, drop me a line in the comments.

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