RSS and Comment Changes

Just a quick heads up to point out that, like I had , some linkblog entries will allow for comments now and then.

To make it easier for people using RSS, you will be able to see clearly on the site feeds which entries allow for comments – there will be a clear indication near the “@” sign at the bottom of every feed item (or none at all for entries that do not allow for comments).

That indication will not display the time window inside which comments are valid – if I did that, there would be all sorts of trouble with feed readers that check whether an item’s text was modified, etc. – like , for instance.

Regardless of whether it is a standard post or a linkblog entry linking directly to other sites (and regardless of what your RSS reader uses as a permalink), the “@” sign should also bring you to the relevant Wiki node on this site on every entry.

Oh, and the Comment Policy has been slightly tweaked, too.

Have the appropriate amount of fun.