Pre-Spring Cleaning

If you’re reading this, that means that we’re back up and running in production mode.

The site was offline for a couple of days or so while Melo was patient enough to carry the box to and fro, reinstall it with a fresh OS image (we’re running CentOS these days, but we’re now on the latest minty fresh version) and swap a bum disk, amongst other things.

I love this kind of forced resets, in a way.

I’m taking this opportunity to rebuild a number of things, like the photo album (the renewal of which I had been procrastinating for ages) and Planet Tao (which will be down for a couple of days while I remove all traces of from it).

But I should note that it was a piece of cake to get going again (a couple of rsync invocations, a minor tweak to crontab, and all was well again).

Expect some minor breakage anyway as I move stuff around – the temptation is too great not to :)

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