MWSF 2008 Rumor Doodles

Update: a number of people pointed out (rightly so) that there is no current equivalent for the 12” (a long time reporter favorite), and I reviewed the diagram accordingly.

So, with MWSF 2008 coming two weeks from now, the rumor mills are already fuming (as in, literally high on fumes).

As a little exercise, and since I had been putting off playing around with the latest Pro Beta (I keep telling myself I’ll buy the Pro edition, but never manage to justify the expense), I cooked up a little diagram of the likely (or unlikely) outcomes:

Click here for the PDF version

Doing the diagram was a lot of fun, not because of the subject matter (all discussion of which is bunk anyway until goes on stage) but because is probably the most amazing diagramming application I’ve ever used – and the dynamic updates when I edited the outline or applied graph styles are nothing short of amazing.

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