Paging Console Geeks In Portugal

Yeah, it’s , or very nearly so.

And although I’m set for the year with gadgets and all, I’m curious as to whether the hardware shortages in the rest of Europe have affected , and how, and helping out a friend who wants a game console for seems to be a nice way to put the two together.

So I’m wondering if anyone out there who reads this (and resides in , preferably in the greater Lisbon) area can tell us if there are still any 60GB “PlayStation 3”:Wikipedia:PS3 consoles on sale, and where (I seem to have gotten one of the very last ones for my birthday, but there’s always a chance…)

Oddly, there appears to be no shortage of Wiis, at least not in the department stores I’ve been to this weekend. But all we can find is the pretty much useless 40GB “PS3”:Wikipedia:PS3…

Just drop a note in the comments – thanks!