Apple Store - Portugal - At long last, but... 

We wait years for a globally-managed online Apple store, and they go and get the accent wrong on “Olá” and “já”, the gender wrong in “store”, and the “official” in a somewhat grammatically dubious place:

$DIVINITY help us…

Taking things into perspective, it’s an honest mistake that could well have been avoided and a not-inconsiderable blunder, but a positive move for those people who were developing some serious anti-bodies against the local distributor. Now at least they have something else to gripe about.

Update: A number of people are chatting away in local mailing-lists, IM, whatever, about the footer having several terms in “Spanish” (or, more accurately, “Catalan”:Wikipedia:Catalan_language), with the usual amount of bruised national ego thrown in.

Me, I couldn’t care less, at least not until I need to buy another Mac – and even then, the bottom line is that I’m still waiting for a decent brick and mortar store.

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