My Bad

So, it appears that while rushing a fix last Wednesday evening (during the early onset of my shoulder trouble) I actually pushed to the live site an extra Snakelets module I’ve been tinkering with, and as a consequence broke my RSS feeds in a subtle way.

It should be fixed now (although rm and mv are oddly tricky to type with my left hand alone).

I will however be tinkering with the feeds a bit more during the upcoming weeks, since I’ve been accepted into FAN, the FeedBurner ad network.

And yes, that means I’ll run some ads in the feeds (I’ve been considering it for a good while now) – but I’ll be hand-picking them, and I’ve already turned down one campaign that wasn’t the least bit relevant to the site in any aspect.

And yes, the Planet Tao feed will remain completely ad-free, including my blog posts there. Just in case there was any shred of doubt.

If you feel like venting against ads in RSS (or generally gripe about something you don’t like about the site), I’d say now is the right time – it takes me forever to type anything with my left hand alone, so I won’t really be able to counter your arguments.

(E-mail is, of course, on hold. I will eventually get around to it.)