The Python Grimoire, Dusted

After over two years without any updates, I finally picked up the again and updated the TiddlyWiki version to run atop the latest engine.

I credit the with being my first decisive step into , and deeply regret that I failed to update it as I went along my own path into the language (a path that helped me build this site and a number of other useful things atop a damn good and flexible language) – as a maintainer, I have certainly not been optimal, since there has been very little added and my own private versions of the Grimoire were left scattered throughout all my machines and seldom reunited and merged.

I could blame that on the fact that I use almost exclusively Safari (and TiddlyWiki editing has never worked to my satisfaction when using ), but I have always had along too, so it’s entirely my own fault.

Anwyay, those of you willing to have a look at the refreshed format are more than welcome to send in your suggestions for new content or (even better) entirely new recipes (and fixes for the glorious 2.5/3.0 age).

Please send your submissions in TiddlyWiki markup, or send your own version over with some sort of tag to make it easier to spot your changes.