The Five Social Pluses of Using Apple Gear

Random musings I found in an old folder, re-spun for this day and age:

  • When you sit in a meeting, everyone will gawk at your computer no matter how lowly it is in the evolutionary scale (and you’ll get a lot more questions during the breaks).
  • You become entitled to say “oh, sorry, I can’t really help you fix your , I only use ” – which is humiliating for testosterone-high alpha geeks to say at first, but a tremendously effective long-term strategy to get your family and friends to stop pestering you when their boxes go bad (you can add “I’ve never had that kind of problem at all” if it’s someone you don’t like).
  • If you are made to sit next to the guys, people will always try talking to you first (plus the guys will hate you and taunt you mercilessly, which will only improve your standing with non-geeks).
  • If you are made to sit with the guys, they will all start asking questions about and complaining sotto voce about how is dog slow on their machines (just whip out and you’ll make friends for life).
  • Things will just work (for the most part), which means you’ll get more time to hang out with family and friends.