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In earlier times, I used to be quite fond of posting things as triptychs – let’s see how this pans out.

“Manual de Traducción Chino/Castellano”:ISBN:849784002X “A Conspiracy of Paper”:ISBN:034911420X “Zima Blue – and Other Stories”:ISBN:1597800791
I’ve always believed that learning a relies on you learning not just the vocabulary but also the rationale behind the language, and translators are always the best people to walk you through it. Since I can read Spanish with ease, picking this up wasn’t an issue – and it is turning out to be a pretty good (if complex) backgrounder. Dense, engrossing, and with the sort of flowery turns of phrase that make reading in English a consummate pleasure. Liss paints a captivating portrait of British society and its uneasy coexistence with the rise of the stock market, and ties it up nicely with a good plot. A set of sci-fi short stories that could have spawned amazing books and yet stand up perfectly on their own, topped off with what may well be one of Reynolds’ best stories ever (I’ll never look at pool tiles the same way again)