Grill Your Own Mother Tongue

Work is starting to ramp up again (no surprises there), so I’ve been spending a good while offline.

There is, however, good news in the Yaki front – I’ve started using it for a Portuguese language site, which means that I’ve already fixed a few character encoding issues that would not have come up otherwise and have started adding minimal localization support – i.e., a simple, easily maintainable hash table of localizable strings that are currently embedded in the Yaki Python codebase (themes and HTML are handled separately).

Yes, yes, I know about the i18n tools for Python. They’re overkill for around a dozen words scattered around the code…

I’ve also tweaked it a bit to let you run a site in several machines and modes (i.e., on a main server in production mode with full text indexing, and on your own box in staging/limited mode for content previews).

Those changes aren’t yet up on the Subversion repository since I haven’t merged them back out from Mercurial, but I’ll keep you posted.