Yaki, Just Slightly Underdone

Well, after two months of running this site atop Yaki, I think it’s time to start preparing a public release of sorts. After all, if it’s working for me, it might be useful to other people as well, right?

And yes, you can get the source right now, but lots of people won’t bother with firing up , and after all, I was the one about many “Open Source”:Wikipedia:Open_Source projects not making tarballs publicly available…

So, given that there are about six or so people (that I know of) playing around with and dropping me little notes now and then, I think it may be time to pause on fixing bugs (except for an elusive one that I’m still trying to pin down), start cleaning up the docs, and release a tarball in a couple of weeks or so (time permitting, as usual).

If there’s enough interest, I’ll also set up a mailing-list for discussing the code (i.e., not an end-user list – I think we’re pretty far from that still).

For now, I would direct interested parties to the HOWTO I wrote a few days ago when Melo asked me for a short intro.

And, of course, I’d be happy to link to whomever is running it on a public webserver – drop me an e-mail or file a bug to get the URL to me.