Yaki Is Loose Upon The World

I’ve been (forcefully) trying to wind down a bit and get my digital act together. To that effect, I’ve been trying to upload to Google Code.

The good news is that it’s there already – have fun checking out a copy and filing bug reports – I’m sure there will be plenty to find fault with.

For starters, there’s sure to be a bug with blog post ordering in the home page – of which this post is a good example.

The bad news is that Google Code’s servers are a bit on the slow side, and that was a pain to deal with in this regard (it was never all that intuitive to begin with where importing was concerned, but this time it was very helpful in my botching the initial import).

So the current snapshot isn’t as clean as I’d like it, and there are a whole bunch of things missing (for instance, credits are spread throughout the place in readme.txt files – I haven’t yet had time to add them to the Wiki pages – and most of the docs are missing).

But hey, it’s a start, although at this stage only die-hard geeks are likely to be able to do anything with it.

I’ll be adding a FAQ to it soon.