Somewhat Here

Over the past few days, I’ve been pushing the envelope a bit further than would be advisable and trying to completely switch off from work after hours (when I get after hours), so there hasn’t been much in the way of news.

For instance, I only caught on to the utter stupidity surrounding that bogus e-mail when I got wind of Gruber’s Enjackass post, and although I would ordinarily have plenty to say on the matter (what with the overall tendency of the blogging network’s to over- anything these days), I barely had the time to read it through.

On another topic entirely, I’ve been fiddling around with WDS and realizing that it doesn’t work properly, period. I have always been aware of the slight incompatibilities between different vendors, but trying to set it up between two (different revision) Linksys boxes was somewhat of a rodeo.

Fortunately, I didn’t actually need WDS – I just wanted to bridge two LAN segments together wirelessly and ended up setting up one of the boxes in client mode.

For the record, my main router is now running Tomato (because it has a great UI) and the remote client is running . The client has a nasty habit of losing touch with the AP and not reconnecting, but it (mostly) does the job.

Anyway, the next few weeks will be filled with reading, the occasional stab at cleaning up for releasing, and the impending doom of yet another exam for which I feel woefully unprepared.

Ah, the fun of life’s little challenges.