Monday Mode

Late day at the office, punctuated by odd changes in rhythm.

Came home with half a dozen ideas brewing in my mind, of which the following survived past dinner:

First off, I figured that it would be interesting to hammer some sort of bug tracker into (what with it actually working now and all).

I was thinking of gluing it CVSTrac via a proxying snakelet, but I need even simpler bug-tracking than what CVSTrac provides.

Next I wanted to check out , which seemed awfully interesting as a Groove-like, fully cross-platform collaboration tool.

Five minutes in, and even before consubstantiating my suspicions that it was using Eclipse as a basis for its GUI, I was wondering why I still have to fill out registration forms in this day and age of free products - especially ones that can only become more popular through a network/social effect.

Small but very important hint: Guys, compulsory registration forms of any kind are a major put-off - you're probably getting a lot less users than you could by just posting up the files and being done with it, and I only kept at it and registered because I know what is about and understand the product.

So far it looks good, although like all Eclipse-like applications it takes a lot of time to start up. I can take the slowness, but the installer is... Erm... ish.

You see, the installer fills up a folder with .jar files instead of having a "nice" app bundle (it uses a 104K app with a generic icon to kickstart the rest, which is ugly but... erm... ish.)

In the meantime, and as a follow-up to , Abe Fettig turned me on to Hep, which uses and Twisted to provide an RSS-to-mail aggregator and a weblog posting (SMTP-to-API) bridge.

Looks really nice, although using Twisted is biting off more than I can at the moment.