Beyond The Red Line

I haven't played a game on my Mac for ages now, but this one I just had to:

Thanks to Melo's timely warnings, I just got the demo running on my iMac G5 20", and after a few tweaks to the control keys (the defaults were defined for a US keyboard) I gleefully went through the tutorial and got myself promptly blown up by a Cylon raider amidst an asteroid field.

(Hint: use the comms menu to ask for assistance even if your target is already winged. Because that's what it did when you shot it, and its buddy is nosing up to your tailpipe...)

Anyway, if you're a Battlestar Galactica fan and like space sims, this Freespace total conversion looks and sounds amazing (pretty much like what you'd expect, and more so), although I've yet to find a control scheme that suits me.

Time to dig out The Claw, I guess.