The Switching Game

Judging from the e-mails I've been getting lately, there's a new bunch of people moving to Mac OS X from Windows, and the most common question I've been getting is "what application should I get to replace X"?

Now, I've been following Rich Burridge's Linux/UNIX applications list for a while now (he's one of the Sun bloggers I follow, largely due to my interest in Assistive Technologies and Orca), and maybe, just maybe it's time to start something like that for Mac OS X.

After all, I have catalogued a whole bunch of (mostly freeware) Mac OS X applications over the years, and it would be a nice resource to maintain alongside my HOWTOs (not to mention a fun way to understand what newcomers to the Mac want the most).

So here's the deal: I'm willing to maintain a Wiki node with a similar table to Rich's, and I am now accepting suggestions for categories, Windows applications that you would like to find an equivalent for, things you'd like to do with your Mac - and solutions you may have.

Just e-mail them to me or comment on the Switch page (I will be opening comments there permanently, as a sort of experiment).

Given my limited free time updates to that page won't be instantaneous, but hey, it's a starting point.

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