Oh Brother

You know those situations where you end up running around in a little circle? Well, I'm stuck in one that is eerily like this one:

Scott Adams must be prescient, psychically linked to my peculiar set of bends in the time-space continuum, or the spawn of $ANTIDIVINITY, because during the whole of last year, his strips were an almost perfect parody of my working days - on a day by day basis.

And it's still happening. This is spooky. Scott, please make it stop. Send to or something. Better yet, make him a billionaire and have him retire to a tropical island.

When an image is worth a thousand blog posts

Anyway, for my later reference, here's 's new teaser, straight from their homepage:

As usual, all the speculation regarding MacWorld is pretty pointless, but you've got to hand it to - they sure know how to make waves with the minimum energy expenditure. This 32KB graphic has probably generated more traffic and controversy than any other home page in the last year...

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