Indexing Portugal

Meanwhile, I'm mulling a few things. I've been systematically burying my nose in books to forcefully rest myself (and it's been tough keeping calm and rested, believe me), but my mind keeps wandering (and wondering) about stuff to do.

For instance, 's rumored foray into (which is being portrayed in the press in rather controversial - and clueless - ways, as usual) has sparked my interest, since the press coverage seems to be consistent about their finding an interesting, progressive market for mobile data services.

About time somebody got a clue, if you ask me - at work, we've spent seven plus years trying to make it plain that is Southern Europe's Finland where it comes to that, and it's nice to see that, apparently - since I haven't actually talked to anyone in the know at to confirm all the rumors - Anil Hansjee gets it.

Still, maybe we haven't done enough. I see that the locals think the Portuguese mobile marketplace "isn't worth much".

Believe me, you're doubly wrong. Sure, we're only ten million people, but value these days isn't about absolute figures - it's about having the know-how and showing you know how to generate more value.

Which is where most Portuguese are dismal failures. But, to put a positive spin on things, we're the world champions at putting ourselves down...