IMAP to mbox Backup Script

I've finally cleaned up the code for the IMAP backup script I was debugging the other day and posted my notes here.

Here is the current feature list, for those of you too lazy to click through:

  • Copies every single message from every single folder in your IMAP server to your disk.
  • Does incremental copying (i.e., tries very hard to not copy messages twice).
  • Tries to do everything as safely as possible (only performs read operations on IMAP)
  • Generates mbox formatted files that can be imported into (just choose "Other" on the import dialog).
  • Is completely and utterly free (distributed under a BSD license).
  • I do not support it, or intend to reply to any e-mails regarding problems in it.

Expect some minor tweaks and fixes during the next few days - it works for me, but I haven't gone into full raving IMAP paranoia mode, so it might be broken against some IMAP servers.

And please, do the sensible thing and try it out on a test account first.

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